UpMo's Social Talent Engine Drives Unprecedented Employee Engagement and Mobility at Intuit

Skills matching, professional networking and integration with Yammer transform talent engagement and increase employee loyalty

Mountain View, CA — June 27, 2012 –UpMo, the leader in social talent management, today announced the successful global deployment of UpMo’s social talent platform at Intuit, including integration with Yammer’s Enterprise Social Networking platform. UpMo is the first-of-its-kind social talent engine that enables employees, managers, and HR professionals to build a dynamic talent network that effects internal mobility and increases employee engagement. UpMo is now available to all Intuit employees to explore, find and be found for opportunities while connecting and building strong internal professional networks.

“As an Intuit employee, I want to stay on top of hot job openings and relevant projects that can help advance my career within the company while connecting with co-workers and mentors to collaborate on my long term career goals.” said Aaron Eden, Talent Engagement Manager at Intuit. “With the integration between Yammer and UpMo, I can now do all those things independent of which enterprise social platforms I’m using.”

By integrating with Yammer, UpMo will deliver unparalleled employee engagement to its customers; no other product integrates with social platforms to deliver a full social mobility solution. Intuit is the first joint customer to launch UpMo’s complete social talent management solution, pioneering a new paradigm to engage and retain employees via social talent collaboration. Yammer is just one of many social collaboration platform integrations that UpMo will be working on in 2012.

“UpMo’s social talent mobility solution is a perfect integration with Yammer, enabling daily engagement of careerists and opportunity seekers contributing to the “always on” enterprise,” said An Le, VP of Business Development at Yammer. “By linking networks and career mobility, employees have an extended reach into the enterprise.”

UpMo offers four core capabilities for enterprises and their employees:
• Career Visualization: Employees are able to explore and map out career paths towards their dream jobs, often uncovering a myriad of unconventional career paths to develop skills and experience.
• Internal Mobility: UpMo’s unique career-matching engine allows employees to discover all the opportunities in the company that can help them advance along their desired career paths.
• Talent Marketplace: Analytic tools in UpMo give managers and talent acquisition teams an actionable view into the strengths, experiences and aspirations throughout the organization, helping them fill positions faster, eliminate the need to recruit externally, and understand where gaps exist
• Internal Professional Networking: Employees can now build strong relationships that can catapult their careers to the next level within their company, not outside.

“Building an engaged and productive workforce requires that enterprises give their existing talent priority over external hiring” said Promise Phelon, founder and CEO at UpMo. “Intuit is a pioneer in showing how internal mobility is accomplished by enabling its workforce to build strong professional networks and collaborate around jobs and projects within the company. Now, with the partnership with Yammer, UpMo can offer our customers’ employees the ability to engage their social sphere to dream big, make meaningful connections and take tangible steps to realize their career aspirations.”

UpMo will she showcasing their social talent engine at the SHRM (Society for Human Resource Management) Annual Conference this week in Atlanta, GA. For a demo, briefing or free trial or to learn more, email info@upmo.com, visit www.upmo.com or register for the Social Talent Show at www.socialtalentshow.com.

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