Use Pandemic Pulse Surveys to Measure How Well Your Employees are Adjusting to Their New Work Environment

WINTER PARK, FL. May 5, 2020 — The work world is adjusting to a “new normal” during the unprecedented adjusting to a “new normal” as we work through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. Employees and their leaders find themselves working remotely, or with limited staff and support in modified work settings.

It’s important to measure how effectively teams are working and provide any additional support required to keep them productive. TalentKeepers has created a Pandemic Pulse Survey to do just that. The survey measures how well employees are adjusting to their new work environment and allows quick and efficient assessment of what employees need to remain effective and productive.

“We’ve developed this pulse survey as a turnkey solution, so it is quick and easy to implement,” says Christopher Mulligan, TalentKeepers CEO. “We understand organizations need support at the speed with which things have changed this spring. Maintaining employee engagement will be crucial to organizational success through the next year and beyond.”

Survey results are easily accessed and updated daily so leaders and the organization can quickly follow up with team members, and reports include individual responses plus grouped views of aggregated results. The set-up process is streamlined to speed implementation within one week, and organizations can begin receiving results from the first day of launch.

“We designed this survey as an affordable way for organizations to obtain immediate and actionable employee feedback to drive productivity, customer satisfaction, quality and many other KPIs,” said Mulligan.

Cost to implement ranges from $1 – $2 per employee depending on the size of an organization.

The short, non-anonymous survey measures key productivity factors including: Communication, Equipment, Connectivity, Training, Leader Support, Health & Safety, Readiness to Resume Normal Operations, and Stress.

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