UTCA Announces New Tag-Line to Reflect its Growing Role in Educating the UI Marketplace

UTCA (Unemployment Tax Control Associates, Inc.) announced a change to their long-standing tag-line, the hallmark of their business philosophy, reflecting their commitment to client education. In a brief statement, released April 9, 2012, Suzanne Murphy, CEO, explained “Our new tag line, “Educating the marketplace, one client at a time”, emphasizes our commitment to the greater good of all employers in the marketplace. We understand an informed market improves outcomes for all stakeholders. Record overpayments, declining industry standards and lack of accountability have generated costs currently socialized throughout the employer community, impacting clients and non-clients alike. UTCA is taking a leadership role in calling upon our industry to improve practices, while educating employers about the importance of demanding greater transparency”. Murphy went on to explain the company’s new tag-line also speaks to the fact that UTCA has grown through individual client sales and earned market share, foregoing acquisition growth strategies witnessed in the last decade.

“For over 20 years UTCA has focused on client education, never wavering from our commitment to teach employers how to effectively manage unemployment risk. Our new tag-line brings home this message” stated Murphy. In the coming year UTCA will be launching initiatives emphasizing how to monitor vendor performance, Murphy added, “Employers are now beginning to understand industry changes and how they’ve impacted them. Third Party Administrator (TPA) errors and overpayments are in the billions, with 2012 unemployment rates reflecting some of the highest socialized costs on record”.

UTCA (www.utcainc.com) is a service leader providing highly effective unemployment insurance cost management and reduction strategies to employers nationally. UTCA employs this industry’s most knowledgeable staff of professionals, including their own in-house legal staff, claim analysts, appeal administrators, hearing representatives and tax consultants. UTCA assists clients in reducing the costs and complexities of managing their unemployment compensation programs, utilizing a unique pre-emptive approach to dramatically reducing unemployment costs. By providing unparalleled customer solutions, they have earned the reputation as the “blue chip” company in the field of unemployment cost management.