Vestrics Partners with ROI Institute

Chapel Hill, NC – Vestrics and the ROI Institute have announced their plans to enter into a strategic alliance. Vestrics offers a cloud-based workforce optimization software that enables organizations to align and improve the connections between its investments in human capital and business results. The ROI Institute, a research, benchmarking, and consulting organization, assists professionals in improving their programs and processes through the use of the ROI Methodology.

Vestrics will offer their award-winning software to the ROI institute practitioners that will enable them to broaden their measurement capabilities and complete their analysis more efficiently than with current tools. Vestrics will help take the rather complicated process of analyzing data and hand over a simplified, easy-to-understand analysis for industry practitioners in various business functions.

Patti Phillips, President & CEO of ROI Institute says “We are excited to partner with Vestrics in offering their software to our clients. The Vestrics workforce optimization software offers practitioners of the ROI Methodology a much-needed tool to help them more easily analyze data and describe the contribution of their programs to improvement in key business measures. This tool complements other tools by adding a level of analysis often omitted. We look forward to introducing Vestrics to our clients as they implement the ROI Methodology.”

“Our Vestrics methodology and the ROI Methodology are so similar it only made sense to work with the ROI Institute to continue to grow this body of work and offer the industry the best in measurement capabilities,” explains Gene Pease, Founder and CEO of Vestrics.

About Vestrics
Big data doesn’t guarantee the big picture. Vestrics offers powerful insights into learning investments to unleash the power of big data and drive better decisions. After all, data without perspective and strategy is just numbers on a page. As the leading learning analytics provider, we partner with our clients to turn data into decisions. Capital Analytics, Vestrics’ parent company, was founded in 2004, providing the first methodology in the HCM industry based around drug trial testing. In 2013, Capital Analytics introduced Vestrics and its workforce optimization software.
Big data. Big decisions. Big impact. Vestrics.

About the ROI Institute
ROI Institute, Inc., founded in 1992 as a service-driven organization, assists professionals in improving programs and processes using the ROI Methodology developed by Drs. Jack J. Phillips and Patti P. Phillips. ROI Institute is the global leader on the use of return on investment (ROI) in non-traditional applications. The Institute regularly conducts ROI workshops, provides consulting services, publishes books and case studies, and conducts research on the use of ROI, making the ROI Institute an industry leader and source in measurement, evaluation, and analytics. The ROI Institute, along with more than 100 ROI consultants, applies the ROI Methodology in 20 fields in 60 countries. The ROI Institute authors have written or edited over 100 books, translated into 38 languages. The ROI Institute builds internal capability with a process to help individuals to achieve Certified ROI Professional (CRP), a designation respected by executives in various organizations. For more information on the ROI Institute, please contact or visit