DALLAS, TX (September 11, 2018) Vibe HCM, a leading provider of human capital management and employee engagement solutions, announced today it will introduce its next generation platform built on Progressive Web App (PWA) technology.

The unveiling of PWA – for the first time in an HCM platform – will take place as part of Vibe HCM’s scheduled demo showcase “Beyond Transactions, Beyond Apps” on Thursday, September 13th at 12:30 pm in Demo Room #1.

“An HCM Engagement Platform like Vibe HCM fosters widespread adoption with its compelling unification of engagement and HR functionality. However, if system access is not optimized for mobile devices and slow Internet coverage, these high adoption levels can suffer, impacting strategic initiatives and business value.”, stated Susanne Bowen, Chief Executive Officer, Vibe HCM, Inc. “PWA ensures widespread reach on any device, any location, no apps, no compromises.”

Vibe HCM’s platform leverages PWA to deliver clients a fast, reliable, engaging user experience on any device with no app downloads required, eliminating the need for ongoing updates and multiple page refreshes. PWA delivers the latest content and functionality whenever the user logs in, automatically adjusting the UI to optimize for the specific device and available screen size – desktop, mobile, tablet. It also supports offline work.

“In order to optimize adoption and ROI of an HCM platform, it is critical to offer accessibility in a way that caters to the modern, mobile workforce,” commented Steve Goldberg, VP and Research Director of HCM at Ventana Research. “Vibe HCM is aggressively pursuing a leadership role in the HCM industry by offering a platform built with ground-breaking PWA technology.”

“80% of Internet users consume content and applications via mobile devices. In reality, its not mobile first anymore but fast becoming only mobile. Companies have tried to address this trend with things like responsive web design and native mobile apps”, stated Cary Schuler, SVP Marketing, Vibe HCM, Inc. “But, lets face it, the mobile experience on responsive sites is still not great. It is slow, requires multiple page refreshes and is spotty based on your Internet coverage. Native apps are also not the answer given the high drop off rates resulting from the need to download specific apps and continually update. PWAs give you the best of both world’s: app-like capabilities without needing the app.”

In addition to the in-depth “Beyond Transactions, Beyond Apps” demonstration, Vibe HCM will be exhibiting at the conference in booth #2347 and conducting demonstrations of its product suite throughout expo hours.

For more information on Vibe HCM and PWA visit Vibe HCM’s website.

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