Vibe HCM Announces Vibe Insights, Bringing Strategic Workforce Analytics to the Mid-Market

Austin, TX (October 1, 2019) Vibe HCM, Inc., a leading provider of cloud-based HCM Engagement platforms, announced today it is unveiling Vibe Insights, the industry’s first workforce analytics solution that seamlessly provides access to traditional HR transactional and compliance data along with employee engagement, employee sentiment, peer recognition and social engagement metrics.

“Our customers are seeking access to rich HR data to discover insights that will improve their strategic decision-making and drive better business outcomes,” commented Susanne Bowen, CEO at Vibe HCM. “Vibe Insights adds powerful reporting and analytics tools to our HCM Engagement platform, enabling clients to deliver accurate, timely information through one unified reporting platform.”

Along with access to traditional HR data points such as employee, payroll, benefits, recruitment, time and attendance and compensation, Vibe Insights will also provide users with the ability to measure organizational health, setting the foundation for:

  • Employee Engagement and Sentiment: Integrated pulse surveys deliver engagement scores by organization, department and manager, enabling customers to prioritize and take action on employee sentiment in real-time.
  • Social Engagement: A key measure of employee engagement is interaction with other employees, groups and content through the HCM system. Vibe Insights’ proprietary algorithm measures login activity and usage data, developing an engagement score that helps organizations predict potential satisfaction and retention issues.
  • Employee Recognition: Within Vibe’s HCM Engagement platform employees can recognize peers and easily participate in a 360◦ process. This provides a real-time flow of performance-related data points for improved learning, development and succession planning.

“We designed Vibe Insights to deliver comprehensive reporting capabilities for analytical needs across the entire employee lifecycle, on one unified platform and dataset,” said Roland Tanner, CPO at Vibe HCM. “This key launch delivers the first stage of an ongoing focus on the analytics of engagement, and Vibe’s unique ability to provide insight to an organization’s health.”

Key Features:

  • Visualize your data with easy-to-launch charting and dashboard tools with drill-down capabilities.
  • Easily share data with key stakeholders, schedule automated reports or export clean data for further analysis.
  • Create custom reports from scratch with intuitive drag & drop capabilities.
  • Standard reports are available throughout the platform that can be easily transformed with advanced filtering capabilities, including one-click pivoting, to meet your organization’s unique needs.
  • Role-based permissions ensure data security is always automatically maintained.

As part of the Vibe HCM Engagement Platform, Vibe Insights is powered by Vibe Anywhere™, innovative technology that delivers an industry-leading mobile experience for all users. This means the data, reports and metrics customers need are accessible from anywhere in the platform, from any device, with no downloads and no delays.

About Vibe HCM

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