Vibe HCM Recognized As California Pizza Kitchen's Top Service Partner For 2018

Dallas, TX (April 10, 2018) Vibe HCM, a leading provider of human capital management and employee engagement solutions, announced today that it has been named Top Service Partner of the Year by one of its flagship customers, California Pizza Kitchen (CPK). CPK formally recognized Vibe HCM at its 2018 CPK Operators’ Conference held in Carlsbad, CA.

In front of over 700 attendees, including CPK franchisees, partners, vendor sponsors, regional general managers and other CPK senior leadership from around the world, Shannon Kirk, VP of People presented the award. Shannon commented, “Vibe HCM has gone above and beyond to support CPK at the highest level – both at the National and Global level. 2018’s service partner of the year began working with CPK in 2012. We were looking for a way to connect all our employees and automate processes and apply a digital and consumer focus to our HR practices. They are a partner in the truest definition of the word, recognizing that our challenges are unique and always coming to the table with innovative solutions to solve issues specific to our business. Their support and partnership brought our award-winning employee site ‘Calibrate’ to life! It is our honor to award Vibe HCM the 2018 Service Partner of the Year.”

Since its initial roll-out success, the communication and engagement features of Calibrate, CPK’s HCM Engagement Platform, have been expanded to include full applicant tracking, onboarding, core HR, benefits, payroll and talent management. The unique combination of transactional and employee engagement capabilities in a unified highly branded platform has fundamentally changed how CPK communicates, gets work done and drives new programs. As a testament to employee’s acceptance of its value, system adoption has consistently increased year-over-year with employees now spending over 24 million minutes per year in Calibrate.

“We are delighted by this recognition and the affirmation that Vibe’s investments in innovative HR technologies and customer relationships are valued. We truly enjoy working with CPK and strive to bring our talent, process and technology expertise to the partnership.” noted SVP Marketing & Product Strategy, Cary Schuler. “CPK continually drives us to be better. The result is a richer, more engaging product for all of our customers.”

About Vibe HCM
Vibe HCM is redefining human capital management software expectations. We make it easy for companies to not only automate HR transactions but also connect, communicate and engage with all their employees. We partner with talent-driven businesses to elevate how they Work. Share. Applaud. Inspire. This relentless pursuit has led us to collaborate with some of the most innovative, recognized brands on the planet as work together to set a new standard in the marketplace for HCM systems.

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