Visier Inc., Hosts Complimentary Webcast: Achieve Greater Business ImpactMove Beyond Measuring HR Metrics to Workforce Analytics

Vancouver, British Columbia, May 31, 2012—Visier Inc., announced today a webinar “Achieve Greater Business Impact—Move Beyond Measuring HR Metrics to Workforce Analytics,” which will discuss the critical importance of moving beyond the simple collection of HR metrics, to workforce analytics. Learn how workforce analytics empowers HR professionals to shift from being operationally focused to become a strategic change agent within their organization to achieve real business value and insight about their workforce.

According to a growing body of research, top-performing companies are far more likely to be advanced users of workforce analytics than lower-performing companies and they readily cite workforce analytics as a competitive differentiator. While many organizations gather and track data regarding their workforce, often these organizations are challenged to know which key performance indicators are critical to measure, and how to move beyond the basic collection of data to be able to find and leverage insights to make meaningful business decisions. To achieve real business results, it is not simply the collection of data but how the metrics become actionable insights—analytics, for the various stakeholders—the HR professionals, business leaders and decision-makers across the organization, in order to make critical workforce decisions.

“Employers today are waking up to the fact that people are the most important and most expensive asset when it comes to their organization’s productivity and profitability,” according to Dave Weisbeck, CSO for Visier. “It is imperative that executive leaders and HR professionals look beyond traditional approaches to managing their workforce metrics, and understand that real business value comes from moving beyond the basic metrics to turning big data into actionable insights for critical business decisions regarding their workforce.”

Join Dave Weisbeck, CSO for Visier as he hosts this one-hour panel discussion “Achieve Greater Business Impact—Move Beyond Measuring HR Metrics to Workforce Analytics,” with guest presenter, Cathy Missildine-Martin, Chief Performance Officer at Intellectual Capital Consulting, and John Schwarz, Founder & CEO of Visier, Thursday, June 14, at 1:00 p.m. EDT/10 a.m. PDT. The webinar is complimentary to attend but you must register in advance at the following link

In this webinar, registrants will learn:
* A five-stage process for moving from the measurement of metrics to the effectiveness, value & impact of analytics
* Real-world examples of organizations improving business performance with workforce analytics
* An actionable step-by-step process for getting started for moving beyond measuring metrics to leveraging analytics

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Headquartered in Vancouver, B.C. and San Francisco, Calif., Visier delivers workforce analytics through the cloud to empower HR professionals with the most critical insights for optimizing their people strategy to meet their business strategy. Visier’s unique analytics combine the sophistication of predictive capabilities with the ease-of-use of consumer applications. Founded in 2010, by business intelligence experts – including former Business Objects chief executive officer, John Schwarz, the company’s leadership team has a proven track record of technical, operational and strategic management success with companies such as IBM, Business Objects, SAP and Symantec. For more information, visit


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