Glendora, Calif. / March 21, 2011 — Many organizations claim to provide good customer service and say that they are rated highly in Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

In truth, Customer Satisfaction is a poor indicator of your chances to retain customers and increase your business. A focus on the customer experience is far more productive.

The best metric we’ve found for determining the value an organization is creating is Customer Loyalty. Customer Satisfaction has been proven to be a weak predictor of Loyalty. Customer Satisfaction is a condition of loyalty but does not guarantee it!

Customer Satisfaction vs. Customer Loyalty
60% to 80% of customers who defect to competitors said they were satisfied or very satisfied just prior to defection. Do you really understand your customer’s buying and utilization experience? Does your sales and support process accommodate your customer or “pull” them through your process?

The “Loyalty Effect”
“Emotionally satisfied customers deliver a 23% premium in terms of share of wallet, profitability, revenue and relationship growth!”

Manage Your Human Sigma, Gallup Organization Research

What does it take to develop loyal customers?
It takes developing the “X-Factor” — Developing emotionally satisfied customers. The day to day actions of your sales and service team — how they create value for your customers is the key to building emotional bonds that drive Customer Loyalty. By understanding your customer’s cycle and aligning your organization in a supportive manner, you build Emotional Satisfaction vs. Rational Satisfaction.

Rationally satisfied customers believe they received the right product or service at an acceptable cost/value relationship but will quickly change providers if they believe they can receive equal or greater value from another provider.

What Can You Do?

Standardize Your Service/Selling Process

* Establish a common service-selling language
* Develop customer-centric behaviors
* Build world class attitudes and beliefs
* Capture best practices and replicate them

Focus on Loyalty to Drive Growth

* Build Emotional Satisfaction, the X-Factor of Customer Loyalty
* Create Customer Value by improving Attitudes and Beliefs
* Develop Process Discipline in Service – Selling and Coaching

Using Glowan’s 4D approach leverages the X-Factor and focuses your entire organization on your customers.

Interested in developing Customer Loyalty and increasing your top and bottom lines? Join us for this program and create the Loyalty Effect with your customer base!

Contact Glowan Consulting regarding our 4D program. We would be delighted to learn about your organization and present some concrete ideas, processed and plans for increasing your Customer Loyalty and your business.

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