“Wealth Creation & Personality” White Paper Issued by Perth Leadership Institute

Paper Is a First – Reveals the Personality Attributes behind Exceptional Business Acumen – and Its Lack

(Gainesville, Florida, June 7, 2011) Exceptional money-makers have distinct personality characteristics, which are revealed in a White Paper from the Perth Leadership Institute, reissued due to high demand. This is a radically new approach which offers a new perspective on making money to investors, headhunters, company analysts and to people who just want to know if they will ever make it themselves.

The Perth Leadership Institute, the industry thought leader in business acumen assessment and development programs, today announced that it has released its White Paper on the personality attributes of people who make money – and lose it. This approach is based on ten years of field work and research by the Perth Leadership Institute.

The White Paper bases its findings on new types of psychometric assessments developed by the Institute which assess the behavioral propensity to create capital and link these results with another Perth assessment which tests business personality. The results show the 4 personality types of exceptional money-makers and the 10 personality types of money-losers. It breaks down these personalities into the dominant behavioral drivers that lead them either to make or to lose money. It shows how these findings can be used to improve the ability to make money and to increase the alignment between individuals and teams and companies so that their overall financial performance improves

According to Dr. E. Ted Prince, Founder and CEO of the Institute, “We have developed a new set of tools which dramatically extend our understanding of the ability to make money, create capital and to improve financial performance by individuals, teams and companies. This approach fills a significant gap in traditional leadership, management and financial education. I believe that this approach is transformational both for individuals and companies”

The Perth Leadership Institute has developed innovative approaches to leadership styles and financial impacts based on its research into business acumen. These form part of its business acumen assessment and development programs for managers and executives. It has developed business acumen assessment instruments, such as the Financial Outcome Assessment®, used by executives and managers to increase their financial and valuation impact.

The Perth Leadership Institute was founded in 2002 in Gainesville, Florida, by Dr. E. Ted Prince to carry out research into the linkages between behavior and company financial outcomes. Its programs are targeted at executives and managers and are used for leadership and executive development, talent management and to improve individual and team financial performance at the middle and senior levels of organizations.

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