What Are the Best Company Promotional Items for Employees?

What Are the Best Company Promotional Items for Employees?

What Are the Best Company Promotional Items for Employees?

From an espresso maker you can take on the road to personalized stationery and work supplies, here are six answers to the question, “What’s been the best company promotional item you’ve ever received as an employee?”

  • Portable Espresso Machine
  • A Table
  • A Vacuum Bottle
  • Personalized Calendar With Memories
  • Power Bank With Company Logo
  • Customized Stationery and Office Supplies

Portable Espresso Machine

I was once given a portable espresso machine as an employee promotional item that really made my day. This is certainly not the norm, as promotional items usually consist of water bottles or T-shirts. 

The machine included a full unit with all the necessary accessories, like a frother and portafilter. It was an unexpected and generous gift, especially since many of us enjoyed occasional coffee after stressful workdays. I could now make quality shots at work whenever I desired, and could even take it on business trips since it was portable! As someone who loves making espresso drinks, this has been the best company promotional item I’ve ever received.

Michael Alexis, CEO, swag.org

A Table

The most memorable promotional item I ever got as an employee had to be a table that we were given for our team. It was so perfect for the office, and everybody felt like it made things much more organized and efficient. 

It allowed us to collaborate on projects without worrying about having enough desk space or needing to grab a meeting room. This table gave us the ability to just sit down and start discussing whatever issues needed to be addressed, which really helped us get through tasks quickly and effectively. 

Plus, when we’re all done with work at the end of a long day, we can just unplug our laptops and clear away to start relaxing. On top of that, it looks really nice too―it’s a great combination of modern design and traditional materials that complements any office décor.

Antreas Koutis, Administrative Manager, Financer

A Vacuum Bottle

I have received a lot of company promotional items over the years, but the best one I’ve ever received was definitely a vacuum bottle. Not only is it a practical item that I can use every day, but it’s also a constant reminder of my time with the company. 

The vacuum bottle is high-quality and keeps my beverages at the perfect temperature for hours. I love how it’s durable and can withstand my active lifestyle. I have taken it with me on hiking trips, to the beach, and even to the office. It’s also a great conversation starter when people ask about the company logo on the bottle. I appreciate the thought and effort that went into choosing this item, and it has definitely left a lasting impression on me.

Natalia Brzezinska, Marketing and Outreach Manager, ePassportPhoto

Personalized Calendar With Memories

The best company promotional item I’ve ever received as an employee was a personalized calendar. It featured detailed pictures from a recent business trip and included important dates on the back, such as birthdays and anniversaries of team members. 

This way, my team was constantly reminded of the success we had achieved that year, but in a fun and unique way. It highlighted the importance of the trip which set us up to have tremendous growth moving forward. That calendar serves as a daily reminder of our commitment to making this company great!

Carly Hill, Operations Manager, Virtual Holiday Party

Power Bank With Company Logo

One of the best company promotional items I’ve ever received as an employee was a custom power bank. Not only did it have our company logo, but it also had a USB port that could be used to charge any device with ease. 

This was especially useful and gave us the incentive to keep working despite long hours in the office, and was extra helpful during business trips. In addition, it served as an easy way for us to show off our affiliation with the brand and catch the attention of potential customers.

Kate Duske, Editor-in-Chief, Escape Room Data

Customized Stationery and Office Supplies

The best company promotional item I have ever received as an employee was a tasteful set of office supplies for my workstation. I especially appreciated the unexpected inclusion of art prints featuring hand-lettered motivational sayings relevant to our mission that were framed and ready to hang. 

This gesture of recognition and appreciation by my employer stood out to me, as these types of items are not commonly given away in recognition or promotion efforts. It showed me that attention and thought had been put into this token, conveying value far beyond its material worth.

Grace He, People and Culture Director, TeamBuilding