What's Next After Obamacare? National Prosperity Health Matching Services Is Offering The HMRA Program For Employers To Combat Rising Health Care Costs

Houston, Texas – 1/23/17 – For those thousands of employers concerned about the seemingly inevitable repeal of the Affordable Care Act and what that will mean to their health care cost bottom line, help has arrived from National Prosperity Health Matching Services, Inc. (NPHMS). NPHMS, a private, financial services and medical cost-containment company based in Houston, Texas, is the exclusive provider of the Health Matching Reimbursement Account (HMRA) Program for employers.

The HMRA Program is a cost-containment tool and funding mechanism that consists of a monthly, employer contribution that is allocated towards participating group members into their respective, HMRA individual or family account balances that the employer owns on their group members’ behalves. The HMRA Program reimburses employers on the first-dollar of employee health care expenses based on the employee’s account balance at the time of the medical claim regardless of employee cost sharing and plan design. Each month employers will receive crediting of up to $2 in benefits or more to be used as medical reserves inside each of their group members’ HMRA account balances for every $1 contributed as the program progresses.

Regina Gorog, President of NPHMS, said, “It has been tremendously gratifying to oversee the growth of our company from just a concept five years ago to where we are today with such well-respected and high-profile companies across the country who understand the need to bring our product on board to help manage their medical costs,” Gorog said. “Our employer clients love the fact that we can provide them with a medical reimbursement program that grows twice as fast as an HSA account would with far more benefits because it is exclusively used to pay for employee medical expenses.”

“National Prosperity has truly cracked the code when it comes to providing a first-dollar, medical reimbursement program for employers,” said NPHMS Health Law Attorney Jared Pope. “It has been very rewarding to go through the process with NPHMS and vet this program through all of the right channels including various departments of insurance. Because the HMRA Program can work for employer groups of most all sizes and plan designs, it is just a matter of time until the HMRA becomes a household name throughout America in the employer space since it is such an obvious solution to implement once you understand the concept.”

For more information, contact NPHMS at (877) 850-8532, or visit www.nationalprosperity.com.