What’s Next: Sharing the Thoughts of HR Influencers on COVID-19

It’s been more than six months since I am working from home. At times, I feel stressed out thinking about the future, and when the situation will become normal.

One day when I was pondering over COVID-19, I came across a few articles in which HR tech influencers and thought leaders have shared their opinions about COVID-19, the new normal, and which positive changes it has brought.

I felt positive energy inside me after reading these quotes. Now, I feel compelled to share these insights with you. If you are someone like this who is worried about the growth of the HR tech industry, continue reading this article.

Josh BersinGlobal Industry Analyst

“COVID-19 may be the best thing that has ever happened to employee engagement. The companies are treating their employees better than ever. And employee engagement, a problem that plagues more than two-thirds of companies year after year, is actually going up. When the company takes care of its people, the people take care of the company.”

63% of HR professionals believe their organizational culture has improved. 

Eric TorigianVice President and Assistant Head of Global HR for Akebono Brake Corporation

“I think this is the beginning of the most exciting period we’ve ever been part of. People are going to figure out how to pour their passion into it. The world has been getting ready for this for a while. We’ve been moving to an online world, a gig economy, toward remote workgroups. In the next 20 or 30 years, this world is going to change a lot, and people are going to come back to this time and ask ‘who were the people that made the difference?’ I think they’re going to look at HR people and say they’re the ones who led us through this.”

Vinay JoharCEO-RChilli

“I see this pandemic as an incredible opportunity to learn and discover new ways of working. We started off in a state of panic, but soon, we figured out strategies to deal with the situation. As our entire team is working from home, we have discovered a new working culture that we never imagined to have before. COVID-19 has surely caused disruption in the HR tech industry, but the commitment to customers always remains a priority.”

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Sarah JohnsonVice President of Enterprise Surveys and Analytics at Perceptyx

“I think this is a moment of reckoning for organizations and leaders. Companies that haven’t invested in their employees or thought about the value of engaging employees in the past are now reaping what they’ve sown versus organizations that have always invested in their employees and built their capabilities. Those companies can now rely on that bank of engagement capital, and their employees will do what it takes to get the organization through this.”


Source: https://bit.ly/3iRsnxD