What’s the Best Benefits Administration Software for Startups + SMBS?

What’s the Best Benefits Administration Software for Startups + SMBS?

To help startups and SMBs navigate the complex world of benefits administration software, we asked six leaders in the field, including CEOs and HR professionals, for their top recommendations. From GoCo for being modern and intuitive to Insperity’s complete HR solution, discover the best software solutions these experts suggest for managing employee benefits.

  • GoCo: Modern and Intuitive
  • OnPay: Easy Payroll Linking
  • Gusto: All-in-One Platform
  • BambooHR: Efficient Benefits Management
  • Zenefits: Comprehensive and Customizable
  • Insperity: Complete HR Solution

GoCo: Modern and Intuitive

One of our favorite platforms for benefits administration is GoCo. The platform was founded by former software designers, and it has a very modern, intuitive user experience that makes it easy for all populations to navigate. Also, GoCo has one of the smartest payroll-integration approaches in the market.

While they can support your standard SFTP and API integrations, they also provide a human-supervised layer to oversee integrations and ensure all data gets transferred properly. We’ve also received great feedback on their customer service.

Brett UngashickBrett Ungashick
CEO and CHRO, OutSail

OnPay: Easy Payroll Linking

We use OnPay to manage our employee benefits and are extremely satisfied with the software. We like OnPay because we could easily link our existing payroll, so that I didn’t have to manually enter data each payroll cycle or worry about cost fluctuations.

We could also work with OnPay to offer our employees life and disability insurance, which is something we did not previously offer. Plus, their online portal is intuitive and super easy-to-use.

Janelle OwensJanelle Owens
Human Resources Director, Guide2Fluency

Gusto: All-in-One Platform

One of the best software for managing employee benefits, especially suited for startups and SMBs, is Gusto.

Gusto offers an all-in-one platform for payroll, benefits, and HR needs. It allows for easy administration of health benefits, retirement plans, college savings, commuter benefits, and more, all within a single interface. Moreover, Gusto integrates with other popular business tools and performs tax calculations and filings automatically.

Despite its comprehensive features, Gusto is known for its user-friendly design, making it an ideal choice for smaller businesses without a dedicated HR team. It’s also constantly updated to comply with laws and regulations, providing peace of mind for businesses.

Piotrek SosnowskiPiotrek Sosnowski
Chief People and Culture Officer, Natu.Care

BambooHR: Efficient Benefits Management

As the manager of a blossoming tiny-home construction enterprise, benefits administration can be a real challenge, especially when resources are not extensive.

During this journey, a potent ally was discovered in BambooHR. In personal experience, it’s like striking gold for startups and SMBs. It’s intuitive, streamlining the often convoluted tasks of benefits management into an easy-to-understand interface.

Once, during an especially hectic period, BambooHR saved the day. There was a flurry of new hires and they all needed to be onboarded. Using BambooHR, their benefits were squared away efficiently and with ease, allowing focus on scaling unique designs.

M. RizwanM. Rizwan
Business Manager, Great Lakes Tiny Homes

Zenefits: Comprehensive and Customizable

Choosing the best benefits administration software for startups and SMBs depends on specific business needs and requirements. However, one popular option is Zenefits.

Zenefits offers a comprehensive platform that streamlines benefits administration, HR, and payroll processes. It provides features like automated onboarding, employee self-service, benefits enrollment, time-off management, and compliance tracking.

Zenefits simplifies benefits management by integrating with insurance providers, facilitating enrollment, and managing employee changes. Its user-friendly interface, customizable workflows, and robust reporting capabilities make it suitable for small- and medium-sized businesses.

Aviad FaruzAviad Faruz
CEO, Know Mastery

Insperity: Complete HR Solution

One of the best benefits-administration software is Insperity. It’s a complete HR solution that has great features for benefits administration. SMBs can manage all their benefits with this one tool.

It has a lot of features that let you see who has enrolled for which benefit and how they’re using it. The software is very easy to use and scalable. This makes it a great choice for SMBs and startups. Insperity serves all other HR functions, so it’s really the only tool they need.

Rayner TeoRayner Teo
Founder, TradingWithRayner

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