Which 3 Benefits Does Just Recruit Get from RChilli?

Someone has rightly said that the customer is the king. At RChilli, we believe in the same and give priority to the customers.

One of our core values is ‘Customer Delight and Customer Loyalty’. We remain committed to this core value since our inception. This is the reason that today, we are serving more than 1600 customers in 34+ countries, and the number is constantly increasing.

It gives us a sense of achievement when our customers give us positive feedback on our services.

We recently interviewed our customer, Erika Clifford, Co-founder, Just Recruit, and she shared her experience of working with RChilli.

Let’s check out the three benefits of using our products that Erika shared with us.

  • Saves Their Customers’ Time

As RChilli resume parser identifies the complete information from resumes and extracts the resume data into more than 140 fields, it eventually saves time for Just Recruit’s customers. The impact of this process is a steep increase in their overall productivity.

  • Improves Their Functionality

Just Recruit is able to improve its functionality by implementing RChilli resume parser in its product. The reason is that we deliver the parsed data by using the best-in-class NLP technology.

  • Rapid Response Time

The best part about RChilli is its customer support. Erika says that they never have to follow up with the RChilli team for queries. A simple email is enough for our customer support team to respond with the right solutions and information. RChilli ensures that it provides adequate time and care in resolving the customer’s query.

We feel delighted to have Just recruit as our partner. We feel proud that we are a part of their business journey, and we are growing together.

Would you like to experience the above-mentioned benefits too? If your answer is ‘Yes’, we will be glad to solve your challenges with our HR technology products.

Would you like to know how?

Join our incubator program and test RChilli Resume/Job Parser, Search & Match Engine, and Taxonomy. It is the best way to get started with RChilli.


Source: https://bit.ly/33DtOJU