White Paper Analyzes Why Employers Partner with Executive Search, RPO and Contract Staffing Providers

Skillman, New Jersey – October 5, 2011 – PrincetonOne, a total recruitment services provider based in Skillman, NJ, today announced the availability of a new white paper focused on three of the most popular services recruitment firms provide companies that choose to outsource part or all of their staffing needs: executive search, recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) and contract staffing. The paper, “Partnering for Talent: How Recruiting Firms Help Fulfill Companies’ Important Staffing Needs,” also examines the rapid changes occurring in staffing and explains how recruitment companies are taking advantage of trends like social networking and mobile recruiting.

Employers are discovering that finding the right hire is especially pertinent now, as numerous organizations are struggling with the talent shortage brought about by the recession. “While the basic proposition of finding appropriate talent for companies still drives the recruitment industry, there are now a myriad of ways that recruiting firms can match their different offerings with the constantly changing business and economic environments,” noted PrincetonOne CEO Dave Campeas. “The days of recruitment companies just providing candidates for openings are receding.” Employers may find that partnering with a recruiting provider helps them combat the current economic climate, through passive candidate location and attraction and improvement of hiring metrics, like time to fill and cost per hire. The white paper covers these partnership benefits and others, in addition to explaining in detail the executive search, RPO and contract staffing service offerings.

To learn more about executive search, RPO and contract staffing, as well as trends taking place within the recruitment arena, download the white paper, “Partnering for Talent: How Recruiting Firms Help Fulfill Companies’ Important Staffing Needs,” at http://www.princetonone.com/whitepapers.php.

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