Who are the best digital adoption platform companies?

best digital adoption platform companies

Who are the best digital adoption platform companies?

From WalkMe to Pendo.io, here are 4 answers to the question, “Who is one of the best digital adoption platform companies?”

  • WalkMe
  • Whatfix
  • Appcues
  • Pendo.io


One of the best digital adoption platform (DAP) companies is WalkMe. What makes WalkMe great is that it provides an intuitive and easy-to-implement solution to improve user experience, reduce support costs, and increase customer loyalty.

With its AI-powered guided walkthroughs, advanced analytics and insights, automated notifications, and support for multiple languages, it helps companies create a frictionless digital experience. It also allows businesses to take advantage of its library of popular app integrations, including Salesforce and Microsoft 365. As an added bonus, WalkMe is incredibly easy to install and can be up and running within minutes.

With no coding required, businesses can get the most out of their digital adoption solutions with the help of the WalkMe platform. In short, when it comes to DAPs, there is no better choice than WalkMe.

Michael Fischer, Founder, Elite HRT


Whatfix is one of the best digital adoption platform companies in the market today. Whatfix stands out for the easy-to-use automated guidance tools that make it easier for users to learn how to navigate and use a product or service quickly and efficiently. The software is designed to be intuitive and extremely user-friendly, with minimal setup required.

With Whatfix’s digital adoption platform, you can create interactive tutorials, walkthroughs, and more to help your users increase their productivity and reduce the time it takes them to learn a new product or service. Whatfix’s analytics insights also make it easier to understand user behavior and track usage trends so that you can measure the success of your digital adoption initiatives.

Asker Ahmed, Director and Founder, iProcess


Appcues is the 9th easiest-to-use digital adoption company. It makes product adoption easy and measurable to improve. You don’t need a developer for this. This amazing software empowers non-technical teams to track and analyze product usage. You can publish attractive in-app onboarding tours, surveys, announcements, and much more.

Many product-led businesses across the globe trust Appcues for its quick and high-quality services. You can turn your product into a growth engine with the help of this digital adoption platform. Moreover, Appcues makes it easy to provide fast and better user experiences for various businesses.

The key features of Appcues are as follows:

  1. Employee engagement tracking
  2. User onboarding
  3. Feedback collection
  4. Goal management
  5. Reporting
  6. A/B testing

Yogesh Kumar, Digital Marketing Manager, Technource


Pendo.io is one of the best digital adoption platform companies. Pendo stands out among its competitors due to its comprehensive suite of features, including multi-channel content delivery, real-time analytics and user segmentation, automated guidance triggered by user behavior, and customizable surveys for collecting feedback. Moreover, Pendo’s customer success team has a proven track record in helping companies boost user engagement and optimize their digital adoption strategies.

With Pendo, you’ll have access to the tools and resources necessary to ensure your users have a great experience. It’s no wonder why so many companies rely on Pendo for their digital adoption needs!

Yusuf Shurbaji, Co-founder and Managing Partner, Prismfly

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