Who Hires Better: Human or Machine? 1-Page Kicks Off New Viral Campaign

www.1-page.com/ [1-Page], the Social Cloud-based platform for Talent Acquisition and Idea management, launches a disruptive marketing campaign, calling business leaders and job seekers to join the “Ultimate Battle” for the working kind: #HumanVsMachine.

“The campaign is centered on the growth of workplace technology and machines that automate hiring, communication and idea management within and outside organizations. Machines have made processes fast and reliable; but are they really fostering innovation? ” Says Rocco Sannelli, Marketing Director at 1-Page.

Technologies and tools used in hiring automation generate communication inefficiencies that lead companies to miss out on qualified candidates and on opportunities for open innovation and idea sourcing from qualified stakeholders (candidates, partners, and employees).

“6.8 billion resumes were sent to 5 million companies last year, with 25 percent of hires that leave within 12 months of employment. This turnover and lost productivity cost $60.25 million per year to a large enterprise. These are just some of the communication inefficiencies that companies face today,” says 1-Page CEO Joanna Riley Weidenmiller. “Clearly, something isn’t working.”

“Our campaign reflects 1-Page’s identity and mission. We want to bring a revolution in the current enterprise communication, idea management and talent acquisition system. We want to encourage people engagement where ideas and communication are fostered and not stunted by machines,” Patrick G. Riley, 1-Page Chairman and author of the New York Times All-Time Bestselling book “The 1-Page Proposal.”

1-Page’s Human vs. Machine campaign hopes to shed light on hiring automation, idea management and communication within and outside organizations, for decision makers as well as for the job seeker.

Those who have participated in automated screening, or have been screened out of a job because of the technology, but also managers who believe in the power of idea sourcing and human interaction, are encouraged to sign an online petition at www.1-page.com/humanvsmachine [www.1-page.com/humanvsmachine].

About the company
Inefficiency in communication is rampant within and outside organizations in today’s business world. Companies struggle in hiring, motivating and retaining talent as well as in sourcing ideas, engaging customers and aligning strategy. 1-Page solves these inefficiencies providing a social cloud-based communication platform that enables the transaction of value propositions between Enterprise and Talent through the game changer 1-Page-Proposal.