Work4 Reveals Why Facebook is a "Most Valuable Player" for Recruiters Winning the Talent Game in New Whitepaper

More and more each day, Facebook proves itself a fertile ground for the future of the recruitment industry. From an enhanced Newsfeed for engagement of a talent community to optimized ads for targeting candidates to Graph Search for sourcing, Facebook’s platform is an ideal place for recruiting from among the 1.1 billion users who use the network for both personal and professional purposes.

Work4 has built its reputation as the #1 Facebook Recruiting Solution by not only building tools that make recruiting on Facebook easy, but also by identifying best practices for those who want to begin using Facebook to recruit and source talent. For this reason, Work4 has created a whitepaper that focuses on the reasons why recruiters should be using Facebook to connect with talent. This whitepaper will not only help recruiters understand the different ways to connect with talent through Facebook, but also make the case for beginning a Facebook recruitment strategy within the business at large.

“These days, creating a winning strategy for recruiting requires a presence on Facebook,” said Work4’s VP of Marketing Kirsten Smith, “And we’ve made it part of our mission to help companies understand why recruiting on Facebook is more than just a trend so that they can begin leveraging the platform for talent acquisition as soon as possible.”

To receive a copy of Work4’s whitepaper, “The Social High Score: Why Facebook Should Be a Major Player in Your Recruitment Strategy,” please click here.

For more reasons why Facebook should be your next recruitment channel, watch this brand new video and view Work4’s infographic and attend the “Why Your Jobs MUST Be on Facebook” webinar on 8/20.


Work4 powers social recruiting by making everyone a recruiter and everyone a candidate. 

We help thousands of companies, including many of the Fortune 500, find, engage, and hire top talent with our all-in-one recruiting solution for Facebook. Work4 allows employers to reach candidates through a Facebook Career Site and on mobile devices, take advantage social networks to drive employee referrals, and target Facebook’s 1 billion users with intelligent recruiting ads. Work4 brings cost-effective, efficient sourcing and hiring to the world’s top companies by leveraging the reach and scope of the world’s largest and most powerful social network. 

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