San Francisco, Calif. — January 27, 2011 — Leading the charge into a new space that helps companies and employees establish, communicate, measure and analyze business goals, WorkSimple set out to clearly define a new era in business goal software. WorkSimple today outlined the key characteristics of its market-disrupting Business Goal software, which was built on the premise that individual goals are a better measure of employee performance than behaviors.

“Working with hundreds of customers large and small, we often recognized a disconnect between the goals of a company and the goals of the individuals charged with making the company a success,” says Morgan Norman, CEO and co-founder of WorkSimple. “We’ve defined a new space to get the right information to the right people at the right time so employees and executives are moving in the right direction—toward a common goal. Our Business Goal Software let you review goals and results in real-time.”

Here’s the disconnect: Today, business goals are typically developed in one-on-one meetings—or company-wide meetings—without any context as to how those goals fit into the organization’s broader vision or performance. Although companies are actively investing in CRM, project management platforms that share data and information, and other technology platforms, business goals are still written on paper, sent via e-mail, outlined on Excel and displayed on PowerPoint. That translates to inconsistent goal communication that could lead employees to miss the performance mark because business goal-setting is not an annual—or even quarterly—process. Goals move, change, and stall.

Business Goal Software moves a once paper-based process to a Web-based platform, much like CRM software did years ago. This shift drives a new wave of transparency in Business Goal Software and employee performance. The shift is comparable to when Web Analytics and CRM software came on the scene to offer keen customer insights that drive top line revenue growth. In other words, Business Goal Software lifts a veil on a murky process. With Business Goal Software, employees receive ongoing feedback and coaching based on goal performance—or lack thereof.

“Until now, there has been no streamlined way to document, measure or analyze goals that are developed through the workday,” says Ben Moore, CTO and co-founder of WorkSimple. “Goals are more often established in company-wide meetings, transferred to an Excel file, and tucked away in a folder never to be seen again. The point is, goal communication is not happening. That’s where Business Goal Software comes in.”

Business Goal Software is not behavior management. It’s about mapping out future achievements, not harping on past performance. It’s about setting up employees to celebrate success, not rubbing in the failures. It’s about helping your employees create a company road map in which they can perform well against goals. It’s about coaching and feedback and reviews based on results. It’s about being a better manager, a better employee, a better company.

“Most companies are guilty of under-communicating the company vision,” Moore says. “With WorkSimple’s Business Goal Software, that just isn’t possible. The software does the heavy lifting for you so you’ll never get caught under-communicating the direction of your company again. And it sets the stage for an open dialogue between managers and employees on the results—and the next set of goals.”

WorkSimple’s platform is Business Goal Software, which integrates the best features of:

Goal Management
• Goal Collaboration
• Goal Reviews
Goal Planning
• Social Recognition
• Performance Reporting

“I believe Business Goal Software is the biggest change in management since e-mail. It’s going to improve management and team performance—it’s going to make bad managers good, and good managers great by driving new levels of communication across the company,” Norman says. “Keep in mind that the leading reason people change jobs is because of management. With Business Goal Software, companies can shift their culture with a new type of employee engagement that encourages managers and employees to buy into the company goals together.”

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WorkSimple’s Business Goal Software is currently priced at $60 per user, per year and is available directly through WorkSimple or through certified partners.

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