WorkSimple Kicks Off YamJam12 With New Edition of its Leading Social Performance Platform for Yammer Users

San Francisco, CA – October 29, 2012 – WorkSimple (, the fastest-growing provider of Social Performance Management, took the lid off a new Yammer plan with social innovations that help employees and managers share goals, get and give feedback, and create a culture of results and recognition within their Yammer network.

“Our partnership with Yammer offers a solution that empowers Yammer users to share goals, motivate coworkers, and drive results,” said Morgan Norman, co-founder and CEO of WorkSimple. “WorkSimple’s Yammer integration takes goal-setting and performance to the next level—and the measurable results include more engaged employees, more productive teams, and more profitable organizations.”

By seamlessly connecting to the best-in-class Enterprise Social Network, WorkSimple will help six million Yammer users explore the benefits of contemporary collaboration and the future of work via a user-friendly interface that transforms the way teams and companies work together and celebrate results with Social Goals™.

“A 2012 IBM C-Suite Study revealed collaboration is the single most important trait leaders want in employees—75 percent rated collaboration as critical,” said Ben Moore, co-founder and CTO of WorkSimple. “Traditional performance management platforms can’t enable collaboration or build a results-driven culture because employees work in silos. With our WorkSimple Yammer integration, we break down those silos so employees can communicate, collaborate, and drive new heights of productivity.”

WorkSimple Yammer Edition Feature List
In a fragmented workplace where employees are distributed, the WorkSimple Yammer Plan brings alignment. That’s vital at a time when the Savo Group reports 40 percent of businesses are experiencing poor alignment of sales tools, messaging, and seller skills.

With the WorkSimple Yammer Edition, the Social Performance Management platform leader is taking another step toward transforming human resources for the social workplace with real-time tools that create a culture of feedback, recognition, and results.

– Achievements: Access achievements and Social Goals™ from anywhere. Never forget the impact of the amazing work contributed to a team or organization.
– Badges & Recognition: A manager’s people deserve credit every once in a while. Social recognition is the perfect way to give teams the confidence that their work is being appreciated.
– Social Goals™: The different types of Social Goals™ (from agile, complex, to focuses) are for recognizing that each team has a different way of getting things done.
– Conversations: WorkSimple allows teams to collaborate on Social Goals™ in real-time. Stay connected around team goals and solve problems together.
– Coaching & Feedback: Make suggestions, tell coworkers what’s working, or suggest improvements. It’s all populated in real-time and based on making feedback quick, easy, and painless.
– Results-Driven: For Yammer customers who want performance, WorkSimple’s Business Plan includes automated performance reviews, engagement, and performance reporting.
– Powerful Analytics: WorkSimple Performance and Social Engagement Analytics reports on metrics such as Goals Created, Goal Updates, Feedback, Goals Accomplished, and Social Goal Alignment down to a team level.
– Single Sign-On: Yammer single sign-on makes it simple to share goals in the Yammer network and invite Yammer connections in minutes.
– Simple Sharing: Since recognition from Yammer is automatically posted to the WorkSimple profile, employees and coworkers can see all recognition seamlessly and immediately.

“The continued expansion of our partner ecosystem marks a significant growth opportunity for both Yammer and our customers,” said An Le, vice president of Business Development at Yammer. “We are committed to integrating with leading third-party business applications across the globe such as WorkSimple. WorkSimple is a leading enterprise application employees rely on to do their jobs and our partnership delivers on Yammer’s vision to be the social layer across all enterprise applications.”

Indeed, dynamic Social Performance platforms are rapidly usurping static traditional performance management platforms because they don’t respond to the needs of an agile workforce, help employees understand how their work impacts the organization, or offer feedback or recognition to drive higher levels of employee engagement and productivity. The keyword is productivity. According to a Gallup poll, lost productivity costs enterprises $300 billion a year—and disengaged employees are major part of the problem. Seventy-nine percent of employees are disengaged from their work. Yvette Cameron, vice president and principal analyst at Constellation Research, says a new breed of applications is all about “getting work done collaboratively.” At their core, these applications are aimed at supporting the completion of tasks, projects and goals by teams.

“However, a transformation among this category of applications is underway, where vendors are innovating in collaboration, social networking, and mobility to make their applications ubiquitous, engaging and impactful to today’s workforce,” Cameron said. “They’re becoming high-impact technologies that support people in their everyday work lives: connecting individuals and teams, supporting goal and initiative management across groups, surfacing the status of tasks and projects to a broad audience, and enabling feedback and recognition around work activities.”

WorkSimple Yammer Plan Pricing and Availability

– Yammer WorkSimple edition is generally available today for all Yammer customers.
– Yammer edition is available for free for all current Yammer customers.
– Yammer customers can upgrade to the performance addition when they are ready.
– Pricing starts at $9 per user per month.

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Social Performance Management Defined
Social performance is a new approach to performance management that uses cloud-based software to help teams within organizations optimize performance through teamwork, communication, collaboration and results based on Social Goals. WorkSimple’s powerful yet easy-to-use Social Performance platform transforms how teams of all sizes work together. Modern employees use WorkSimple to collaborate by sharing goals, giving and getting feedback, offering recognition and celebrating results.

About WorkSimple
WorkSimple is the creator of Social Goals™: a fresh new way to manage careers, performance and results. As easy to use as your favorite social network, WorkSimple is designed for individuals, teams, and large organizations. Our Social Performance Platform gives a better way to share goals, collaborate, get feedback, and get your work endorsed. The Individual Plan is includes Social Goals™, Portfolio, Endorsements, Media Sharing, LinkedIn Integration. Teams and Business can upgrade for additional functionality including: Social Goals™, Social Recognition, Get Verified, Feedback, Focus Boards, Activity Streams, Social Engagement Analytics, Company Performance Dashboard, Results-Driven Performance Review, and Administrator Controls.

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