WorkSimple Reinvents Enterprise Applications With A Real-Time Goal And Performance Management Release

New Collaborative Approach to Talent Management Delivers A Step-Change In Enterprise Applications By Mapping Out Employee Productivity In Real Time

SAN FRANCISCO— May 4, 2010 — WorkSimple today introduced the first performance and goal management platform that enables companies to establish a results-based work environment around the real-time objectives of their business. WorkSimple’s Goal and Performance Management release represents a significant departure away from traditional quarterly or annual-based performance review models. WorkSimple’s employee-centric approach also signifies the closure between the consumer-application and enterprise application divide that has stunted the human capital management industry.

“With WorkSimple Goal and Performance Management, human resources, executives and managers now have real-time insight into company, department and employee performance,” said Morgan Norman, CEO and Co-founder of WorkSimple. “Perhaps what’s even more exciting is that employees now have a friendly, collaborative environment that not only highlights their commitments and goals, but empowers them to create a true professional footprint within an organization. ”

Today, most small and midsize businesses operate under a paper-based or an automated performance review model that places the focus on quarterly or annual performance reviews. Even the most sophisticated talent management platforms fall short of tracking and aligning the real-time goals and commitments of a company’s workforce. Given the fast-changing environment that small businesses now operate in, executives, managers, and employees need to have the flexibility to work collaboratively on the real-time objectives of a business — not just those entered at the beginning of the year. This shift in the way people think about performance management represents one of the most dramatic evolutions the industry has seen in decades.

In the last few years, pioneers such as 37signals, LinkedIn and have lead the way for user-friendly enterprise business applications, but the majority of human capital management providers have failed to engage and motivate employees in that same way. WorkSimple’s latest release brings that simplicity to talent management.

“Business software applications have really lagged behind consumer-facing applications in terms of engaging their audience,” said Ben Moore, CTO and Co-founder of WorkSimple. “We designed and priced the WorkSimple platform to completely challenge the notion that performance and goal management has to be a chore, and at worst, provides limited value to employees. This new collaborative, employee-centric approach makes the workforce more productive while providing management with the daily metrics they need to accurately measure productivity. And you know, people really like using our application.”

“With SuccessFactors recent purchase of CubeTree, a social business application similar to’s Chatter, I think you’ll see a lot of talent management vendors moving in our direction,” said Morgan Norman. “This latest launch of our Goal and Performance Management platform clearly puts WorkSimple at the forefront in this space.”

The WorkSimple Goal and Performance Management platform features real-time goal and commitment management, 360-degree performance reviews, employee recognition, informal learning, and a social company directory that provides a personal view of the workforce. Individual employees or teams across multiple locations can use WorkSimple Goal and Performance Management to work collectively towards the real-time objectives of their business. Managers can also create and monitor the status of individual commitments and goals in order to help their employees prioritize initiatives. This daily approach ultimately empowers companies to quickly transfer and track corporate-wide objectives to obtain a competitive advantage. WorkSimple Goal Management also provides managers with a full suite of productivity reports to monitor performance across departments, teams, job roles, locations, and

* Real-time goal management
* 360-degree performance reviews
* Real-time commitment management
* Recognition
* Informal learning
* Workgroups
* Employee profiles

* Assign direct reports goals in real-time
* 360-degree performance reviews
* Assign real-time commitments aligned to personal or department goals
* Build a culture of recognition
* Informal learning
* Employee profiles
* A full suite of productivity reports providing real-time insight into company performance

* WorkSimple Goal Management is available now for new and existing WorkSimple customers.
* Companies can get up and running within days without the need for IT expertise, hardware, or software installations.
* WorkSimple Goal and Performance Management is currently priced at $45 per user, per year and is available directly through WorkSimple or through certified partners who offer affordable implementation and consulting services.
* WorkSimple also provides additional discounts to qualified nonprofits.

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WorkSimple offers a simple, powerful, and engaging goal and performance management platform that gives human resources, executives, and employees real-time insight into company productivity. WorkSimple’s platform includes 360-degree reviews, real-time goal management, commitments, and learning. This new approach offers small to midsize businesses a fast-to-deploy and affordable solution for improving employee productivity, engagement, and workday satisfaction. WorkSimple is a privately held company with offices in San Francisco, CA and Minneapolis, MN.

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