WorkSimple Takes Enterprise Productivity to Next Level With Social Goals Vision

WorkSimple’s latest features driver stronger productivity to every team and business through social networking functions that empower users to publish, share and track goals.

SAN FRANCISCO, CA (May 17, 2011)—WorkSimple is closing the “communications-effect” gap in enterprise social networks with the next generation of Social Software for business.

With Social Goal Management—software that empowers every company to create a free, private social network to publish, share and track goals—WorkSimple is moving Social Business Software from simple communication to true collaboration, driving results and engagement for every team and business.

During the past year, WorkSimple has focused on solving real business problems with Social Goals technologies. The result of that focus is our Social Goal Management platform, which offers flexibility to allow any team or organization to create a scalable, results-driven, business-focused collaboration in the enterprise.

“The first phase of enterprise social networking was all about communication. You might call it ‘Facebook for the enterprise,’ and indeed many early Enterprise 2.0 strategies centered on this approach,” says Morgan Norman, Founder and CEO of WorkSimple. “Now, WorkSimple is taking business social networking software to the next level by going beyond messaging collaboration to goals-driven collaboration that creates measurable business value. Social software has always been about transparency, but WorkSimple’s next generation of tools empower employees to take action and make better decisions.”

WorkSimple’s philosophy is this: By nature, goals are social. Goals can help everyone in an organization understand how to work better together. But traditional solutions make it difficult to communicate and track progress toward individual, team and organizational goals in real-time across the entire organization. WorkSimple empowers goal-driven action by offering company-wide goals visibility. Social Goals Management naturally keeps everyone on the same page without the need to continually communicate vision and mission.

Forrester Research predicts enterprise spending on Web 2.0 technologies will grow strongly over the next five years, reaching $4.6 billion globally by 2013. Meanwhile, Gartner forecasts more than 30 percent of large organizations will have deployments of social software available to all their employees by 2012. But in order for those Web 2.0 investments to drive maximum ROI, the technologies must be results-driven rather than communication-driven alone.

WorkSimple’s Social Goal Management gives employees and management transparent access to critical business information—goals. Social Goal Management doesn’t aim to replace e-mail or instant messaging, but rather to drive business value from and for every user by eliminating information silos created by spreadsheets and team meetings. And Social Goal Management doesn’t rely on a sole administrator or community manager to drive the network—everyone contributes.


WorkSimple’s Social Goal Management platform is designed to be the first place for employees to share, track and follow the goals that impact their success, which enables faster decision-making and productivity improvements. WorkSimple combines information from goal management and social software into a simple user experience that fosters usage and communication around employees goals, company objectives, and team objectives.

The latest functionality includes:

• Goal Activity Stream: Updates on goals and goal activity in real-time
• Reporting: Active Goal Reporting, Goal Score Reporting, Team and Category Reporting
• Comments & Recognition: Ability to “Like” goals and offer recognition on results
• Progress Updates: Goal progress at the team and individual level
• Alerts & Notifications: Users are alerted to actions on goals e.g. progress updates, new followings, and “likes”


Morgan Norman, Founder and CEO

“While the first phase of Social Software for business was a geared around communication, like Facebook or Twitter for the enterprise, WorkSimple is taking the concept of Social Business Software to the next level, focusing on measurable goal-driven collaboration that directly impacts productivity. Social Goal Management helps managers and employees optimize internal processes and empower employees to succeed.”

Ben Moore, Founder and CTO

“Social Goal Management is the next evolution of Social Business Software—a goals hub that clearly shows what teams are working on, and where the bottlenecks and roadblocks are. While the first phase of enterprise social networking is only as good as the contributors, the next generation features every user as a contributor and driver of the network.”


WorkSimple Pricing and Availability:

• WorkSimple Basic for Unlimited Users (Free): Social Goals, Teams, Goal Categories, Feedback, Recognition, and Reporting
• WorkSimple Team Edition: $5 per user, per month. The Team edition includes all Basic Features, plus Goal Reviews, Goal Scores, and Enhanced Reporting.
• WorkSimple Company Edition: Includes enhance administration controls

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WorkSimple, The Social Goal Management Company, provides a simple and secure way for employees to publish, share, and track their goals. Small teams and large global organizations alike use social goals to improve communication, productivity, and engagement. The basic version of WorkSimple is free, and includes social goals, recognition, feedback, goal activity streams, and automated weekly status reports. Customers can pay to upgrade their social goal network for additional functionality including goal reviews, goal score, and employee influence. Get started at

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