WORKTERRA BenAdmin Welcomes Stimson Lumber Company to its Rapidly Growing Client Base

WORKTERRA, the easy-to-use, quickly implemented cloud-based benefits administration and talent management system for companies of any size, announces the addition of Stimson Lumber Company to its rapidly expanding client base. Stimson required a benefit administration and enrollment solution with the mobile accessibility, flexibility and scalability to accommodate its growing workforce. WORKTERRA BenAdmin delivers a scalable and user-friendly application for the management and enrollment of Stimson’s benefit eligible employees.

“WORKTERRA was the perfect partner for us as we transition to a leaner and more self-directed organization. With HR responsibilities streamlined in a single application, our administrators can better manage the employee benefit enrollment process. WORKTERRA’s mobile accessibility offers our employees the convenience of managing their personal information from anywhere. We are truly excited about our partnership and the extensive capabilities we can now deliver to our employees.” – Dan McFall, C.O.O. of Stimson Lumber Company

Stimson employees are offered a convenient one-stop shop to learn about and enroll in their benefit plan offerings through WORKTERRA BenAdmin’s streamlined, cloud-based application. Employees are empowered to learn about and understand their comprehensive benefit plan with the help of various decision support tools. Plan comparisons, cost estimators, paycheck modeling and more provide interactive decision support throughout the enrollment workflow ensuring employees are selecting the plan that is right for them.

WORKTERRA BenAdmin delivers a configurable and automated application designed to centralize, streamline and simplify the management and enrollment of benefit eligible employees. Stimson administrators are offered a single place to efficiently manage open enrollment, new hire enrollment and life events throughout the year. The single-key environment enables administrators to save time by improving accuracy of data, allowing HR departments to focus on more important initiatives within the organization.

WORKTERRA proprietary mobile applications for iPhone, Android phones, iPad and Android tablets enable users to manage and update personal information and life events throughout the year, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

About Stimson Lumber Company – Stimson Lumber Company is the remarkable consequence of six generations of a family’s engagement in logging and lumbering. From the pine forests of Michigan to the spruce, fir, and redwood stands on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, Stimson has been a consistent name for more than 160 years in forest products. Today, the company owns and operates seven mills in Oregon and Idaho. All the mills are located adjacent to the vast Stimson Lumber Company land holdings. The objective of the milling operations is to add value to the logs derived from the company timberlands. Half of the logs consumed in Stimson Lumber Company mills originate from company tree farms. Milling operations are designed to utilize 100% of the fiber from the log. Employees embrace a Continuous Improvement Culture resulting in higher utilization and efficiencies in the milling process. Effective use of capital for process improvements and employee empowerment has resulted in top tier mill performance within the industry. Learn more at

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