WorldatWork Rolls Out Excel Sales Dashboard Family of Courses

May 7, 2013–Scottsdale, Ariz.–WorldatWork has begun rolling out a series of courses to help human resources, compensation, sales, marketing and finance professionals with sales compensation analysis. Led by Dianne Auld, four practical application courses are offered under “Sales Dashboards: Using Excel for Sales Compensation Analysis.” The first two courses are now available online (as of May 1); the final two courses will be online beginning July 25.

“Getting incentive pay right is vital to a company’s profitability, recruitment and retention efforts,” said Jim Stoeckmann, CSCP, sales compensation practice leader for WorldatWork. “Anyone involved in sales compensation plan design and management will benefit from being able to roll up large amounts of data and condense it down to an interactive dashboard in Excel from which to draw critical insights and make decisions from.”

The four online courses offered under “Sales Dashboards: Using Excel for Sales Compensation Analysis” are:

1. “Sales Dashboards: Comparing Incentive Pay to Base Pay”–Participants learn how to create a scoring mechanism to work out sales incentive pay from existing data; add base pay and market data for each position. Available as of May 1.
2. “Sales Dashboards: Cost of Sales Analysis”–Participants create scatter charts per position of incentive payout vs. revenue with trend lines and r-squared values; add summary table showing total pay. Available as of May 1.
3. “Sales Dashboards: Charting Monthly Consistency of Incentive Pay”–Participants will create line charts per position showing payout per month to look for consistency of payouts. Available online July 25.
4. “Sales Dashboards: Comparing Total Compensation to the Market”–Participants will compare total compensation distribution at 10th, 25th, 50th, 75th and 90th percentiles for each position relative to market. Available online July 25.

Other WorldatWork Excel courses include: “Excel Tips for Compensation Professionals”; “Excel Skills for Compensation Professionals”; and “Excel Dashboards: A How To for Compensation Professionals.”

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