ZeroedIn Brings Turnkey Predictive Analytics to HR Technology Providers. ZeroedIn's Fall 2016 release featured at world's largest HR Technology Conference & Expo in Chica

ZeroedIn Technologies Corporation, developers of the ZeroedIn Workforce Intelligence platform, announced as part of the 19th HR Technology Conference and Exposition, its Fall 2016 release which includes enhanced predictive analytics visualization tools for HR and people managers.

“HR Tech covers the latest trends on the way work and HR gets done. If you’re looking to innovate faster, stop by the ZeroedIn booth # 1440 to see how we bypass IT to deliver turnkey predictive analytics for HR and people managers,” commented Chris Moore, President of ZeroedIn.

Attendees at the 2016 HR Technology Conference & Expo can visit ZeroedIn booth # 1440 where ZeroedIn’s data scientists will showcase the latest in workforce intelligence including:
1). Integrated predictive models for turnover, performance, absenteeism, and hiring.
2). One view of workforce intelligence: performance drivers, risk factors, and profitability patterns.
3). Insights into worker sentiment and engagement.

“Powered by ZeroedIn” enables every software system to deliver predictive analytics.

ZeroedIn gathers data from disparate systems such as Payroll, HRIS, ERP, Time & Expense, and Financial software to form powerful predictive measures that clients use to anticipate workforce disruptions and empower managers to make decisions. The platform provides one view of workforce intelligence sourced from multiple HR and business systems delivered without sacrificing time to market or valuable development resources. The Fall 2016 release includes:

New Integrated Predictive Modeling empowers managers to take corrective and prescriptive coaching actions based on workforce patterns, visual insights, and HR predictors such as employee performance, turnover, absenteeism, and retention.

New Strategy Progress Meters connect priorities and goals to metrics, benchmarks, and results so that managers are able to track progress against strategic initiatives. Leaders use visual tools to identify factors which impact business goals in order to align strategy to execution and measure progress.

“Having been involved at the board level and investor level for the past two decades within the HR technology industry, the emerging capabilities of data and predictive analytics has the potential to revolutionize the effectiveness of workforce management and our quality of leadership,” commented Mr. Garry E. Meier, Ephor Group Managing Partner. “ZeroedIn has developed easy to use technology that allows every manager to have at their disposal data analytics capabilities that will enable them to optimize their workforce productivity and effectiveness.”

“Many providers have been implementing analytics solutions, but research shows less than 10 percent have the ability to predict workforce impact, risks, and demands and leverage data from outside of their system. The next level of people analytics solutions will come from embedded predictive solutions which are preconfigured by industry and role.” – Chris Moore, President of ZeroedIn.

About ZeroedIn Technologies. ZeroedIn’s workforce intelligence platform measures and analyzes human capital factors such as turnover, contingent labor, employee fraud, skill shortages, revenue leakage, and other key areas that impact profitability and competitiveness. Learn more about Predictive Models for HR and Powered By ZeroedIn online at:

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