Zywave announces enhanced client engagement tools to power insurance agency growth

Zywave announces enhanced client engagement tools to power insurance agency growth
Newly expanded client and employee portal software strengthens relationships to solidify retention

Milwaukee, WI — May 14, 2012 — Zywave, Inc. today released new features for both of its leading portal solutions, designed to promote organic agency growth. An all-new version of its client portal software tool, MyWave Elements™, now supports stronger broker-client relationships and solidified client retention automatically, with minimal work for the broker.

– MyWave Elements is a customizable one-stop resource portal for insurance broker clients, allowing agencies to differentiate themselves, promote their services and provide 24/7 self-service access to a wide range of resources tailored to each client’s needs.
– Supported by content from industry-leading marketing communications tool Broker Briefcase®, MyWave Elements now automatically promotes a consultative broker role to win and retain more business with no additional time.
– With all-new MyWave Elements 3.0, new content is now automatically posted to the portal news feed, ensuring frequent value-touches for each client, with no work necessary by the broker. Clients will receive breaking legislative updates relevant to their business and regular featured content filtered by their preferences, enhancing the value of their broker relationship.
– Auto-generated emails now promote new content to drive clients to the portal, boosting engagement and maximizing the relationship-building and cross-selling potential of the site for brokers.

Zywave also today announced mobile access for HRconnection®, its employee portal solution. All HRconnection users will now be able to access popular functions, such as time-off tracking and benefit plan details, via a mobile or tablet device.

– HRconnection allows broker clients to house all company, benefits and HR information in a secure, online location for employees to access 24/7, streamlining efficiency and reducing the burden on HR.
– Mobile access enhances employees’ ability to connect with HR when and where they need to, increasing company morale and strengthening employee-employer relationships—which translates to exit barriers for the insurance brokers providing the technology.
Transforming the industry with products like MyWave Elements 3.0 and HRconnection is part of Zywave’s ongoing focus to offer enterprise-wide software solutions for insurance and financial firms to differentiate, protect their book of business and increase agency efficiency.

Supporting Quotes
– “In-depth end-user feedback gave us vital insights into what clients expect and need from their brokers,” said Heidi Pezall, product director of employer products at Zywave. “We focused on making our client portal as hands-off and automated as possible, so brokers can focus on growing their business, while effortlessly staying in front of clients. Elements 3.0 offers each user a unique experience based on what’s important to them, so clients receive what they need when they need it. Plus with HRconnection mobile access, brokers can position themselves as even more cutting edge—and their clients can connect with employees where they are.”
– “The theme of this release is strengthening relationships and engagement at all levels, from the broker to the employer to the employee,” said Jim Emling, president and chief operating officer at Zywave. “When engagement increases, so does the value of the agency’s services, to form distinctive competitive advantages and grow profitable market share.”
– “With mounting pressure on brokers to provide value beyond the transaction, the release of Elements 3.0 could not be more timely,” said Dave O’Brien, executive vice president and chief marketing officer at Zywave. “A recent survey found that over 80 percent of employers highly value content from their brokers on a monthly basis, and Elements 3.0 allows brokers to meet or exceed this expectation with no extra work—providing substantial opportunity for organic broker growth.”

About Zywave
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